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About Me

A natural healer from childhood, I gave massages at family events or to friends during school events ever since I could remember.  Student training was fun in high school but while I couldn't study my normal schoolwork, I'd spend hours reading books and drinking Starbucks in Barnes & Noble deciding which books to part with and how many I could afford to add to my collection. 


In my Army days, I met "my Anne..."  A wonderful German woman who owned a massage therapy office and taught at the local massage college.  While I wasn't able to attend the school during active duty, she attuned me and others to Reiki on a beautiful lake retreat.  After some adventures, I came back home and attended the Clinical Massage Therapy school and got a great clinical background.  It was a solid experience, a great base, but I saw the "formalness" of the process take the "healer" out of so many students, the "politics" of it really started to bother me.  I was drawn into a totally different career path in records & information management, where I enjoyed all that that career path had to offer me at the time.  I still dabble in this work from time-to-time.

Christine is holding a frame of bees over an open hive without protective gear.

But my life started changing again, and I found my way back to bodywork... coincidentally, just like I am again now... 

But back then, I found this great school called the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where I studied advanced techniques, specializing in Craniosacral Unwinding, Polarity Therapy, and Thai Massage


I took a sabbatical, travelled the US for a short time, did an internship at Arcosanti, an incredible volunteer-built city in North Phoenix where you can learn about architecture and now permaculture.  we travelled to Hawaii for 6 weeks, learning to charm bees without protective gear thanks to Shane Lee and becoming level 3 beach bums, on the beaches of Kauai. 

I came back home and opened a Holistic Pain Management Studio called Unwind - Body & Mind where we held classes and had a collective space for holistic bodyworkers.  I had an amazing journey, and vending music festivals and local markets was an incredible experience.   

But after a couple years and a lot of misfortune, I took another sabbatical to become a level 5 beach bum on the beautiful island of Kauai.  I really did nothing for society or the human race during this time, but I acquired additional experiences - a whole other lifetime... while I unapologetically let myself rest and rejuvenate for almost a year. 


When Covid locked the world down...  while others were forced into seclusion, the Pacific Ocean became my refuge, and an eclectic band of brothers formed on Salt Ponds beach as we discussed the calamity of the outside world. I was so lucky to have experienced all that I did - you'll never find...

"another a-people like them..." 

And while last year (22/23) was a Shmitah year, the last year in a 7-year cycle of work and rest.  This Shmitah is the year of rest and letting go, so that's also what I accomplished and participated in whether I wanted to or not... but now we are now in the first year of a new cycle!  An "earthy" year of starting over, breaking new ground, and planting the "seeds" of what is to grow in your life and your land over the next 7 years.  As this journey continues, I hope to update this site with stories and successes, especially regarding bees and food forests!

Click the Bees' Knees for info on becoming a bee guardian, to sponsor a hive, or to request a personal home visit to your bees to teach you to dive into your hive without a veil and protective gear. 



For additional information about me and my side-projects, please visit the BBMU website, a pet project collaboration with some good friends and some of the most talented women I know, for the purpose of helping one-another realize their own potentials. 


And for more information about my Records & Information Management services, please visit my Records Management website.

Records & Informtion Management

Education & Certifications

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Southwest Institute of Healing Arts - Tempe, AZ - Polarity Practitioner Program w/ a major focus in Craniosacral Unwinding techniques & Thai massage

University of Phoenix - Online Campus - Bachelor of Science in Management

Clinical Massage Therapy Certification - Sawyer College, Merrillville, Indiana

Central Texas College - General Studies - Killeen, Texas

Reiki 1 & 2 - Attuned by Reiki Master Ann Richardson - Killeen, Texas

Reflected Kiss


I believe that the physical body mirrors the emotional body.

If so...

What is your body trying to tell you?

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