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Christine Pierce
Craniosacral Unwinding

Unwind - Body & Mind

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Meet Christine

Not all who wander are lost...

Christine marches to the beat of her own drummer and tries to walk her talk.  Healing bodywork has always been her gift and her calling.  Though the healing arts would weave in and out of her life's path, she would always wind up exactly where she needed to be.  May it be on a beach in Hawaii...

Her Specialties

Movement & Range of Motion


First Session

Stress, Tension

& Anxiety


Sleep Disorders


Frozen Shoulder


Each person is different.  Each session is different. 
They are completely intuitive - what the client's body needs in the moment.

Desert Highway

The road less traveled...

Your Journey Starts Here...

All modalities and techniques are used interchangeably to achieve deep healing. Polarity therapy tends to be a good opener, followed by a Craniosacral unwinding/body unwinding session, rounded off with a solid Thai session to fully open the body for its healing journey.  The client is the leader, and Christine follows accordingly.  It helps to remember that with chronic pain, it did not take you a session to get into that state and it won't take a session to get out of it.  When you come from the approach that your physical body mirrors the emotional body, it makes sense that we must process through some of the underlying emotional connections to achieve physical healing.