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Thai Massage

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Thai Massage

Coming Soon

Thai Massage

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Thai Massage - 90 Minute
​Full body

Thai Area-Specific - 90 Minute

Frozen shoulder or Sciatica pain


Thai Foot - 45 Minute

Thai foot massage w/ dowel work​

Thai Massage

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Who should try Thai


Frozen Shoulder & Sciatica

Thai Foot w/ Dowel work

Improved circulation, flexibility, & body function

Restorative and tonifying

*Combines well w/ Lung capacity class

Specifically focuses on affected area and surrounding muscle groups to gain flexibility and aid healing or recovery

3 sessions realistic minimum for both chronic & acute scenarios

     Suggest 1-2 sessions per week x 2-3 weeks

Start & end with the Bi-Polar Roller

     A high-intensity acupressure treatment for your feet

Foot & Leg massage - from heel to just over the kneecap  

Repeatedly works the various "SEN" or "lines" of the lower legs

Finishes with dowl work on the feet

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